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What We Do

Individualized English Tutoring

TNKR helps match North Korean refugees whose English ability is limited, or who wish to boost their existing language skills, with volunteer native English-speaking tutors for private, personalized study sessions.

One-on-One Speech Coaching

TNKR offers refugees who have an intermediate to high level of English ability the chance to work with native English-speaking coaches in order to better their public speaking, presentation, and writing skills.


As a nonprofit organization, TNKR uses fundraising to expand its programs and host events for the refugees. Volunteers or other individuals can contribute to the cause through online crowdsourcing, fundraisers, and personal donations.


A Helping Hand

To date, TNKR has helped 238 refugees improve their English and public speaking skills through 1-on-1 lessons with volunteer tutors. Many students return to study through TNKR again, and the waiting list of refugees eager to learn continues to grow.

In Their Own Words

2 of TNKR’s North Korean ambassadors and former students have published memoirs in English: Yeonmi Park and Eunsun Kim. A third TNKR ambassador, Sungju Lee, will have his memoir published in September 2016.

Furthering the Dialogue

In March 2016, TNKR co-hosted the first International Volunteers Workshop in Seoul, an event aimed at educating the public on the human rights violations occurring in North Korea and the ways in which volunteers can help refugees.

TNKR Global Education Center

In July 2016, we established the Teach North Korean Refugee Global Education Center in order to connect refugees with services geared towards aiding their transition to life outside of North Korea.

Global Advocacy

As of 2016, 25 public speeches have been delivered by TNKR refugee members in Korea, the USA, India, Nepal, and China. By organizing and promoting speaking events, TNKR provides a platform that allows refugees to share their stories with a global audience.


TNKR has partnered with several other organizations since its founding in 2013, including the Shin and Kim law firm, The Korea Times, Korea Development Bank, North Korea Intellectuals’ Solidarity, the World Education Foundation and the Atlas Network