The Teach North Korean Refugees Project will be holding its 21st English Matching session on December 6, 2014, at Bangbae Station. We have so far directly matched 124 North Korean refugees and 9 South Koreans helping NK refugees with 174 volunteers.

1) Read the FAQs at: to make sure you understand what is expected.
2) Fill out a TNKR Teacher Volunteer Application here:
3) We can only take so many volunteers per matching session so look for a confirmation email from, if you are confirmed you will be asked to reply with a resume.
4) Join the Teach North Korean Refugees facebook page
5) Sign up for this event at this invitation page.
6) I recommend friending me while you go through the process. It will be required if you join TNKR. Once you leave TNKR, feel free to unfriend me.
7) The day before your session, look for and reply to a confirmation email from, we just want to make sure you didn’t forget!

After you have done those steps, you will receive an email from confirming you for the event.

* PLEASE NOTE: You are not confirmed for this event until you are confirmed directly by our Administrative Assistant ( via email. Talking to me through Kakao, Facebook, at a coffee shop, mailing me a letter, yelling it to me as you pass by in a taxi don’t cut it. I’ve got an assistant now, she is the one who knows what’s really going on!

WHAT TO EMAIL? You can send any extra materials you would like to use to present yourself to North Korean refugees joining. They will do the choosing, so make your case to them….

If you have never been to any of these sessions matching North Korean refugees with volunteers teaching them English, check out the FAQ with photos and a video.

And as a final step, it helps when volunteers confirm their RSVPs the day before the session (we have had volunteers go through the process, then forget later).

Please be aware this is not a socializing, friendship, research, dating, language exchange or hangout opportunity, for at least three months, we want the focus on teaching. To protect the reputation of the program, please conduct yourself as a professional at all times.

If you would like to do a research project, documentary, or other special activity, just tell us and we can work with you on it.

Feel free to forward to a friend who may be interested.

If you would like to help, but are abroad or can’t for some other reason, you can also make a donation to the Teach North Korean Refugees project.

Domestic donations:
-Bank account: (Woori Bank) 1006-201-405817
-Name on account: TNKR
-International donations: (Woori Bank Seocho Umyeon Branch) 1006-201-405817
-Name on account: Eunkoo Lee(TNKR)
-Swift code: HVBKKRSEXXX
-Bank address: Taebongro 70, Seochogu, Seoul, South Korea
-Bank phone number: 02-3463-9596
or through PayPal (just note that the payment is for TNKR)

DIRECTIONS to Mulmangcho Institute=Easy, easy, easy. Almost like they chose the location for the people who get lost within a block from home…
* Bangbae station on line 2, exit 1. Walk to the top of the stairs.
* Look to your left. There will be a Woori Bank teller machine.
* Standing, looking directly at the teller machine, walk inside the building to the right of it. Walk up to the 3rd floor, room 305.
That’s it. After you leave the subway exit, it will take you about 5 seconds to get to the building. I don’t have a Naver map for it, but if you are driving, use the Bangbae subway as a landmark. Bangbae station (line 2) exit 1 Woori Bank Bd (우리은행건물) #305호

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