She sent the following, presented here with permission and as translated by Lee Eunkoo, co-director of TNKR.

Hello! I am Angella. I have lived in South Korea for 7 years!

As I am dealing with both studying in the university and working, I already recognized how much English is important in South Korean society. My starting point of studying English was basic level, however, fortunately I got opportunity to go the USA. Even if I had experiences to stay in the USA, still my English level was not enough. So, while I was trying to find English programmes, I heard about TNKR programme from my friend.

In TNKR I could learn English what I want and study with the teachers who I want. I met two teachers, One is Helena who taught me mainly writing, another is Chole who focused on my reading skill. Two teachers came to Dongguk University where I am studying now. While I was studying with those teachers from TNKR I knew about English Contest for North Korean students held by Wooyang foundation and decided to test my English level by myself in the contest. My teachers in TNKR supported me at the best during preparing for the contest. Then I went through the first stage only for 10 candidates and today I heard I passed successfully the final stage for only 5 candidates. My final result will be announced soon, however regardless which prize I receive, I would like to say Thank you so much my Teachers especially the teaching classes about writing and reading skill and grammar are so much helpful for improving my English. Also I really appreciate “TNKR Team ” as well so much. I would like to share with TNKR my joy and delight. Thank you again! I will do my best more studying English!

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