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It’s a new year, a new country and there are new people who need supporting! Grace here and I have moved to Seoul, South Korea and am volunteering with North Korean refugees who want to tell YOU their story. I found a local organization based out of Seoul who is supporting North Korean refugees living in South Korea in two ways:

1) Offering free English tutoring with the help of English speaking volunteers, and
2) Encouraging NK refugees to tell their own personal story through public speaking, coaching speech writing and public speaking, and connecting them to people who want to hear them speak.

I am currently helping with the 2nd Track and started coaching two North Korean Ambassadors today. (Refugees who want to tell their stories are called ‘ambassadors.’) I am so inspired by them both and feel humbled to help articulate their passionate messages about what we can do to help with North Korean Human Rights, refugees who have already escaped and Korean Unification, which is something that the world needs to start thinking about soon.

The group is called Teach North Korean Refugees – TNKR – and they can use your help in a few ways:

1) Donate! Every organization needs contributions…and TNKR is growing! There is a matching program with The Atlas Network, so if you donate through it will be doubled! Just type in “Teach North Korean Refugees” at the bottom of the form to designate your gift. TNKR is currently raising money to support the February Speech Contest titled ‘How You Can Help North Koreans.’ They also would like to be able to do more and grow as an organization and need some positive energy in the form of capital to do that.

2) For those living in Seoul, visit the website (below) and sign-up to volunteer teach English and coach. There is also a school just outside of Seoul for refugees under 25 years old and they invite English teachers every Sunday. Check out the Mulmangcho School on the TNKR website or via fb.

3) Give your time in Seoul to support the organization in other ways. They need an event coordinator, curriculum facilitators, teacher trainers, and administrative support, to name a few.

4) If you know an organization that wants to invite a refugee to speak anywhere in the world, contact the TNKR director, Casey Lartigue. The more engagements there are, the more opportunities there will be for these inspiring individuals to share and for the world to learn about life in North Korea and how we can help.

TNKR has been around for 2 years and has helped 147 North Korean refugees receive free tutoring. Over 200 volunteer teachers have passed through the program and more are signing up daily. I am thrilled to be helping and greatly believe that North Korean refugees need support, whatever country they are in. I also believe that Korean Unification is imminent and the more education and REAL information is available, the more the world will get behind the peace and love that exists between all people on the Korean peninsula.

Stay tuned for more and contact me if you’d like to help!

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