Directions to the TNKR English Speech Contest on February 28 at 2 pm. I left the office a bit early today to make sure we have the correct directions.

Euljiro-dong Community Center, Euljiro subway station 3, line 2 or 3, exit 3 을지로3가 exit 3 을지로 주민센터

1) Exit subway.

2) Turn right at the first alley (about 5 seconds after you exit the subway.

3) Turn left at the first small street.

4) Walk about 7 seconds. 을지로 주민센터 will be on your left (across the street, you will see such refined landmarks as Staz Hotel, BnB, 7-11.


Euljiro-dong Community Center, Euljiro subway station 3, line 2 or 3, exit 3 을지로3가 exit 3 을지로 주민센터


Exit 3 from the subway is next to the Tous les Jours.


You’ll see this small sign pointing you to exit 3. Which means if you aren’t paying attention that you may miss it.


If you get lost, you can show this to people in the subway.


Subway exit 3.



After leaving exit 3, walk straight. This will be on your right. You want to turn right immediately after this.


turn into the alley before this store.


turn left here.


Assuming they are still there on 2/28, you will see the “Staz Hotel” and “Bn B” across the street from the building holding the speech contest.


That’s it!!!! The speech contest will be held on the 4th floor.


The address on the building.

Feb 28 speech contest



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