North Korea has been breaking hearts and families for decades. The Hwang Won family has been waiting since 1969 for him to be returned from North Korea. He had the misfortune to be one of the 50 people on Korean Air flight YS-11 on December 11, 1969. After international protests, 39 of the 50 passengers were returned to South Korea on Valentine’s Day 1970, but 11 of the people, including Hwang Won, were not allowed to return and have not been able to contact their families.

His son, Hwang Cheol who was 2 years old when his father was kidnapped to North Korea, has been campaigning to have his father and the others returned. Mr. Hwang held a press conference in the morning then an event at the TNKR office to raise awareness about this case. You can’t change the world, but you can let Mr. Hwang know that you support his effort in having his father returned.

Media coverage

Daily NK, Yonhap News, Seoul Kyunjeh,, Hankyoreh, MBN,

Meeting agenda:

PROGRAM (Feb. 14, 2:00 pm; TNKR Office)

(1) Opening: Hwang In-Cheol (The significance of the event, i.e., The partial return of the 39 KAL abductees)

(2) Watch old newsclip (“Daehan News 764- Return of 39 KAL Passengers”)

(3) Speaker 1: Kim Seok-Woo, Former Vice Unification Minister (* Introduced by Mr. Hwang)

(4) Speaker 2: Casey Lartigue, TNKR International Director (* Introduced by Mr. Hwang)

(5) Speaker 3: Hwang In-Cheol

(6) Petition intro (Young-Min Kwon)

(7) Signing Ceremony (* Signed first by Mr. Kim Seok-Woo)

(8) Speaker 4: Professor Kim Seok-Hyang (* Introduced by Mr. Hwang)

(9) Closing: Hwang In-Cheol & Casey Lartigue

Mr. Hwang opening the session.

The collage was designed by TNKR volunteer Karin Hanna.

TNKR volunteer Youngmin Kwon is Project Manager of the #BringMyFatherHome project.

Kim Seok-Woo, former Vice-minister of the Ministry of Unification spoke about Mr. Hwang’s campaign and TNKR’s assistance.

TNKR International Director Casey Lartigue discussed TNKR’s involvement with Mr. Hwang’s campaign.

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  1. Eben Appleton says:

    Is this a petition that will be shared on FB? As always, Mr. Cheol has my support. I will certainly sign any new petition and share it. Thanks for being so kind as to keep me informed of Mr. Cheols efforts and the wonderful support he continues to receive from TNKR. Good luck, Mr. Cheol.


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