2017-02-15 Speech contest planning meeting

We had a preliminary planning meeting getting ready for the 5th TNKR English speech contest. We still have some roles that we need filled.

RSVP for the contest here, directions are here

Sign up to help out (contact Casey Lartigue to confirm your participation 070-4006-0942).

We got some fresh ideas about handling the speech contest. It is good to have a mix of experience giving perspective about previous contests and newbies bringing fresh ideas.

We had a meeting with TNKR Special Ambassador Eunhee Park before our planning meeting. We always love it when she visits TNKR. It is now her second home, she has many of her classes with us. She also stops by to talk and to encourage us. You can read more about her in my Korea Times column from a few months ago.


Earlier in the day, we were visited by Serving Life International, they wanted to learn more about what TNKR is doing to attract so many refugees.

I’m always amazed when organizations that are much bigger than TNKR visit us to learn what we are doing so well.


Last month Paul had 10 in-house tutoring sessions, the most of any TNKR tutors. He was here today for 3 more hours of tutoring with 2 TNKR students on the waiting list to join the program.


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  1. Eben Appleton says:

    There has obviously been much planning for this 5th speech contest. I know it will be a big occasion for TNKR and the refugees. Much luck to the various contestants.


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