For Eunkoo Lee’s birthday, I bought her a baseball glove, bat, and two baseballs. Before you judge me, listen up!

Before TNKR interrupted Eunkoo’s life in 2013, she spent her weekends sleeping and during baseball season following the scores. It took me some time to realize that she was really checking baseball scores and actually follows it. I mentioned some American baseball players one day, she knew their names.

So imagine my surprise when she said that she had never played baseball. Never picked up a baseball, never held a bat, never put on a glove. That’s like a golfing fanatic never trying golf or a swimming fan who had never jumped in a pool. So for her birthday last Friday I bought her some baseball items.

From the way she is holding the bat, clearly she needs some coaching.


Another reason TNKR needs a bigger office? So we can play softball at work.

This spring, we will probably find a place to take some swings. Based on the way she is holding the bat, I see a bunch of weak singles and strikeouts in Eunkoo’s future.

(P.S.: In college, I was a sports reporter, my column was titled “Casey at the Bat.”)


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