TNKR’s co-directors had a super fantastic meeting today with Jang Jin-sung, a former poet propagandist to NK dictator Kim Jong-il. A few months ago, Mr. Jang featured TNKR in an interview (English) (Korean). After today’s meeting, he has a new focus on TNKR. He let us know how much he admires what we are doing and said he would like to help build up TNKR. He also gave us some direct advice about some changes we might want to make.

You also might want to check out his book Dear Leader.


That meeting with Mr. Jang was a great way to end the day, as we will be able to announce later. The meeting to start the day got things started in a beautiful way!

An adorable South Korean lady who attended the conference we spoke at last week at Pyeongtaek University dropped by. It turns out that she is a fan! She had already watched all of the podcasts that I did with Yeonmi Park back in 2014, read Yeonmi Park’s book, and had watched many of my speeches and read articles about TNKR. She was already well aware of TNKR before last week’s speech at Pyeongtaek. She is really trying to figure out how she can help TNKR.

As I’ve said many times before, TNKR won’t grow until more South Koreans become aware of what we are doing and help with people power and donations. She offered to volunteer with us and also made a donation to TNKR.

She suprised us with a donation.

She is a Yeonmi Park fan, she had already watched our podcasts before meeing me last week.


Chatting time!

TNKR Special Ambassador Cherie Yang studying with tutor Dave Fry. He is focused on helping her improve her writing ability.

TNKR Assistant Academic Adviser Youngmin Kwon tutoring a new student.

Introductory interview with a new student.

The Princess AKA Cherie Yang.

I knew there was some mischief going on, but posed for the photo anyway.

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