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2017-03-08 Lovely Sharon visits TNKR

Lovely Sharon visited TNKR today to cheer us up. That may not have been her intention, but that’s what happens every time we see her! Lovely Sharon brought her lovely daughter.

Sharon joined TNKR in early 2015. Her English was at a low level, but she had courage. She even gave a speech and did Skype interviews after a short time.

I will never forget our first exchanges. I have told the story so many times that regular TNKR meeting attendees can recite it!
It has been great getting to know her!
We have a few refugees with children, so if you want to make donations, toys might be a good idea!
Paul was back! He has never postponed, cancelled or been late for a class. Last month he had eight tutoring sessions and also eight in January. He would have had even more, but students cancelled and there were some holidays. He even showed up on March 1, ready to teach!
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