Four TNKR Ambassadors presented last night to a group of high school students visiting from the USA. The students had earlier gone on the DMZ trek, then wrapped up the day by talking with refugees in TNKR.

We had a great time, the students asked many questions and were deeply engaged.


If this high school student goes on to become a human rights activist then she may point to this day. She was engrossed in the conversations with TNKR ambassadors.

The students had many good questions. They clearly pay attention to the news and got prepared for this trip.



Fresh off winning the 5th TNKR English Speech Contest, Cherie was sharp! She informed and entertained the students.



TNKR Special Ambassador Ken Eom has come so far! In 2015 when he joined us, he was so serious in his initial speeches. But after working with his coaches, he mastered how to make a speech–then he began adding his special sense of humor


Sehyek was the winner of our second speech contest in August 2015. Last night he did an abbreviated form of that speech, answering the question, “What Freedom Means to Me.”

Unnamed Speaker



We tease and have fun, but I’m so proud of the students and speakers in TNKR. I get inspired every time I hear them speak.


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