Something I hear very often: “Teach North Korean Refugees means that only teachers can volunteer at TNKR, right?” Another version: “But I’m not a teacher. Can I volunteer?” They are usually surprised to learn they can do things other than tutoring. As I often say in speeches: “Not everyone at KFC kills chickens. There are drivers, accountants, marketing specialists, salesmen, many other positions.”

Join us for TNKR’s Open House on April 1 to learn about many ways you can get involved.

Such as:

Tony is a professor in the USA teaching speech and communication. He has volunteered to analyze the speeches of refugees. He was at TNKR today for more than 7 hours, spending quite a bit of it analyzing the speeches from TNKR’s English speech contest. So much detail, I have already ordered him to avoid critiquing my speeches. As I told him: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

By the way, if you would like some nice Korean stickers, Tony will send them to you, if you donate at least 10,000 won to TNKR.

Okay, so maybe you aren’t a university professor in South Korea doing research. But you may have other abilities, such as translation! Andrea came to one of our recent  Open House sessions, he translated from English to Italian the petition by Hwang In-Cheol’ to have his father returned from North Korea. He stopped by the TNKR office yesterday to say hello. Youngmin Kwon, TNKR’s project manager for the Bring My Father Home campaign, welcomed Andrea.




Dave Fry stopped by the TNKR office again, meaning he volunteered with us three consecutive days this week.  He ran high-end hotels in the USA, he is now helping TNKR to develop a long-term strategic plan. He has been chasing his friends, demanding that they donate to TNKR.



If you can’t think of any way to possibly help, there is always one thing you can do:

Raise money by setting up a fundraiser. It is the easiest thing you can do to help.






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