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2017-03-18/19 Active, not busy

A bit earlier, a friend I haven’t seen since September asked me if I’m still busy. I said: “I’m not busy. I’m active!” That means that I’m doing many things, meeting many people. But I can always squeeze fun into my schedule, no matter how busy I may look to some people.


TNKR’s upcoming schedule.

Author, journalist and Korea Times columnist Donald Kirk was the featured speaker at the TNKR-Korea Times Discussion Group. I will be changing the name to TNKR-Korea Times Q&A. We started this off as a newspaper discussion group a few months ago where we would analyze an article, but once I started inviting Korea Times writers and reporters, it became a Q&A session. The articles are just talking points to get the conversation started. Yesterday we started the discussion with Hwang In-Cheol’s effort to have his father returned from North Korea, but of course it veered off into side conversations about reunification, China, and other big topics.




We went to visit Aeran Lee at her restaurant. I would have taken a photo of the food, but I arrived a few minutes late, so Dave Fry and Eunkoo Lee had already started. Aeran was the 2010 winner of the US State Department’s “International Woman of Courage” Award.


Cherie and Katie were studying again! They started last month after Cherie won the speech contest, and have met at least 2 or 3 times already since then. Thanks to Katie, who seems to enjoy giving up her Sundays to tutor Cherie. It is always amazing to me that tutors volunteer so much with TNKR, even though they must deal with my complaints.


A couple of friends from a discussion group I have almost destroyed stopped by to chat–we ended up talking for four hours. I guess it should not be a surprise that people in a discussion group would talk that long. The leader of the discussion group is the young lady. She is a lovely moderator who even manages to prevent me from starting verbal wars with other group members.


Ah, work! TNKR is no longer bankrupt. That means we can afford an auditor who is almost a volunteer for us. He gave us the good/bad news about last year’s budget. Support TNKR.

TNKR’s upcoming schedule.

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