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2017-03-24 No Time for the News or clowns

  • I haven’t watched TV regularly in decades.
  • When I was a college student, I subscribed to the Boston Globe, New York Times, Washington Post, read numerous magazines. These days, I barely pay attention to the news.
  • We have so much going on at TNKR, it is hard to keep track of our own activities building TNKR, so the latest killings, scandals, bombings, shootings, gossip, celebrity weddings, etc., just don’t interest me. Life is much more interesting building something rather than watching the chaos that interests news editors, TV producers, podcast hosts, and others in the chattering class.
  • When people ask me what I have been doing, I tell them, “Let me check my Facebook to see.”

As I wrote in my Korea Times column on Wednesday, I sometimes have researchers asking me if we do customer satisfaction surveys among refugees. My response: We have a waiting list of 70 refugees. We talk to refugees, not out of curiosity or to have them answer random questions, but to figure out how we can improve the program and create more opportunities. The sessions are inspirational at times, heart-breaking at others. We came up with a new idea based on one of the sessions and a new project by one of the refugees that we hope to recruit volunteers to help.


So many meetings. Unfortunately, I got squeezed out of my own office when a prospective volunteer unexpectedly showed up with four friends. Refugees get first right of refusal at our office, so we went down the street for our meeting.


So much tutoring going on! The tutors and students like our office for a few main reasons:

  • Serious study atmosphere.
  • No loud music like at a café.
  • No charge for them (although some people associate no charge for them with no cost for us–there is a difference).

They must be willing to endure me sitting in the classes sometimes and photos by me or Youngmin.


Not only do the tutors give their time, but they are also engaging in fundraising:

Dave, Tae In, Emily, Debbie, Joolee, Youngmin,


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