I’m pleased to announce that the next TNKR English speech contest will be held on August 26, 2017, from 2-5 pm. We had a meeting with our contact at the law firm of Shin and Kim. We discussed both the great and terrible things that happened at the most recent contest. We also had a visitor from the USA to talk shop and one study session at the office.

Hello, Konglish!

We have some students who join us at the ABC level. I call them “Hello, Konglish” students One of them was back at the office with her tutor Arrooj Nawaz. Was it their third time this week? Based on reports she has sent, Arrooj had eight tutoring sessions for a total of 12 hours during the month of February with her two students. We can’t see all of the classes because they are held in various locations around the Seoul. I went through all of the reports last night and informed all active tutors and students about the number of hours reported by tutors and coaches.

In addition to dealing with life and adjusting to living in South Korea, she has been studying English intensively. She has mastered the phrase: “Don’t even think about taking my photo.”


Save the Date: August 26, 2017

I will be posting an Eventbrite invitation soon, so the people who couldn’t RSVP for the last speech contest can do so well in advance this time around! Shin and Kim has now hosted four of our five contests, the Korea Times and KDB have sponsored the last two contests. We are definitely the little brother in this arrangement, but they remind us that it would not be happening without our volunteers making it happen.

TNKR will be having a few events coming up, once our volunteers create the flyers then I will be uploading them and inviting the world to join us.


NKinUSA visits TNKR

We were visited yesterday by Greg Forman of NKinUSA. Like TNKR, they are a small and struggling NGO relying on volunteers. In my past, I worked worked at think tanks with budgets of $6 million, $9 million, and $35 million. So I am definitely seeing how the other side lives. Yesterday we got to hear directly from Greg about how NKinUSA is doing. National Director Eunkoo Lee mentioned at one point that we might be able to collaborate, but it feels like two homeless people coming together to build a mansion.


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