2017-03-09 My kind of meetings!

Eunkoo Lee is now volunteering at the TNKR office full-time. Sounds great, but I expected to have some conflicts. I’m a leaf floating in the wind, she likes structure. She had a couple of staff meetings, but I was so uncooperative and grumpy that she finally decided to cancel regularly scheduled staff meetings. I like meetings to get something done, not a meeting with a checklist of items that we will get done later. If we need to talk about something, then let’s talk about it! But not wait for the staff meeting at 1 pm on Monday.

Some dense people might conclude I’m saying I’m against meetings, but that’s not true. I’m against meetings for the sake of having meetings, and especially meetings that don’t get anything done except to develop great plans for future meetings.


TNKR National Director Eunkoo Lee talking with a refugee who just joined TNKR.

UK documentary team was happy to be in a photo with me. I’m doing my best to be nicer to media, but I still have relapses…

TNKR Assistant Academic Adviser Youngmin Kwon tutoring a newcomer to our project.

Outreach team led by Dave Fry and assisted by Annie Fogg plotting strategy. We discussed action items, both pro and con.

Super Special TNKR Ambassador Cherie Yang visiting the TNKR office. She is now becoming a TV personality.

Youngmin Kwon and Cherie Yang looking over the TNKR brochure. Youngmin is now translating it into Korean.

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