Even though TNKR is for only adult students and volunteers, I have realized that we do need some toys for little people! Many of them can be distracted by videos or computer games, but some of them also like to explore the TNKR office.

A reporter who stopped by to interview me brought her children, including her daughter who seemed to be amazed that the man talking to her mother in the other room was also on the computer, so that bought us some time for the interview. Eventually she left with the last stuffed toy at the office, so next time, I can’t be sure what will happen when a little person shows up.

I got out of the hospital. I skipped one meeting that Eunkoo had organized, but then met with a reporter who had been in contact a few weeks earlier. She was clearly prepared! Sometimes reporters waste my time because they don’t bother reading about TNKR in advance, but it seemed she could finish my sentences. So the conversation went to a deeper level. I talked about some aspects of TNKR that I rarely discuss because I am rarely asked.

We had a deeper discussion despite the kids playing with Eunkoo, some construction work going on, and with me speaking more than a few sentences at a time since I have been in the hospital the last few days.

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