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2017-04-02 Track 2: Refugees taking charge

TNKR started in March 2013 as “English Matching.” It was a hobby for the co-founders, as they did this on the side. TNKR is now an emerging NGO with its own office. We still have no paid staff, but despite this, we have held 55 Language Matching sessions with about 270 refugees and more than 560 volunteer coaches and tutors. Yesterday’s session was special because it was a Track 2 Matching session. Whereas we hold at least one Track 1 session per month at which refugees choose tutors for English study, we only hold Track 2 sessions (public speaking and other communication) when enough refugees request it.

Yesterday 7 refugees chose among 9 coaches (3 had last minute scheduling and other problems so there were 9 instead of 12). TNKR is a self-study project, with the focus being on refugees finding their own way and telling their own stories. We connect them with volunteer tutors and coaches to help them with that. After having orientation and discussing their projects, the refugees are really eager to get started.


A great thing going on: I will finally get to take a break from running Track 2. Professor Tony Docan-Morgan has come on board, and greatly revamped what we are doing. One thing I love about him? He listens carefully to what we say, then applies his expertise to categorize and organize what Eunkoo and I have been trying to do. I am looking forward to some great upgrades in Track 2 over the coming year.


Coaches introducing themselves.

Track 2 Learners with their new coaches.

Because we are upgrading Track 2, we spent a bit of time after the session talking with the coaches to get their input and hope we can continue hearing from them.


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  1. Moonok McIntire says:

    Hello, I am South Korean born. Adopted
    By American family age 10y. Been living in USA 50y now. My husband and I, pray for North Korea all the time, and our prayer group as well. We been educating our self, what is happening over North Korea. I live in WA. State, is there group’s who supports and volunteer Seattle area? I would like to be part.


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