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2017-04-13 Pushed out of our office

Yesterday was our first full day back at the TNKR office after the TNKR directors visited England for a week.

  • Tutoring sessions
  • Speech coaching
  • Visit to an event location
  • Planning meeting for Global Leadership Forum

It finally happened. We ran out of space, so the TNKR co-directors were pushed out of their own office.

Ever since February 2015 when TNKR began having English speech contests, I’ve been saying that it isn’t a contest. It is also a learning experience. Based on feedback, refugees have been telling us how much they learn from the experience. Vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, how to give a speech, they become more focused on learning overall. But so far, we haven’t found a good way to follow through.

Then Professor Tony Docan-Morgan joined TNKR. He has been teaching communication for 15 years, he can take a speech apart and put it back together again, looking better than it had before. Today he evaluated Ken Eom’s speech from TNKR’s 5th English speech contest. Wow! It was great, The Professor has added incredible value to TNKR.


It finally happened–the TNKR co-directors got pushed out of their own office. There were so many meetings with refugees going on at the same time that we finally had to abandon our own  office. It was a nice moment, but also a reminder that eventually we will need to move to a larger office. We had in-house tutoring, speech coaching, speech feedback, planning meetings.


Actually, it was good timing when we got forced out of our own office. We had a meeting with one of our super fans to view a possible venue for upcoming events. We love Shin and Kim, but we don’t always want to bother them whenever we want to hold an event. We will probably start holding monthly sessions. April 15, Sungju Lee will be the featured speaker. May 14, Eunsun Kim, Soyeon Lee and Lee Ju Sung will be speakers, then June 24, Jang Jin-Sung.

We had coffee with her after viewing the venue. Want to know how much of a fan she is? She contacted a newspaper recently to tell them about TNKR, and that they should write something about us. and apparently was praising me so much that the staffer who answered her email finally told her, “Yes, we know about him, we have already written about him and TNKR.” In the coffee shop, she was telling the people at the next table that I’m a VIP. This was after I had offered to take a photo for the group so all of their members could be included. They then asked me to join the photo with them. Which I did, of course. And they took a TNKR brochure with them!

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