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2017-05-03 TNKR at CDS

How delightful!!! Students at the Cheongna Dalton held an art auction as a fundraiser for TNKR.

The whole thing was amazing.

  1. They decided to hold the art auction to raise money for us, but they didn’t even tell us about it!
  2. I was looking for an article about TNKR when I came across the information. I was shocked and amazed.
  3. I contacted the school, the teacher organizing the art auction told me that it was really real.
  4. I insisted that we would like to visit after the auction was over to thank them. It isn’t enough to just have them send us the money.
  5. It was technically a holiday, but because it is an international school they were available. TNKR National Director Eunkoo Lee and TNKR Ambassador Eunhee Park were available, so this is how we spent a large part of Wednesday.

Eunhee was at the center of attention!!!

After watching the elementary school kids perform, it was our turn to speak.

Eunhee spoke briefly, then answered some questions from the kids.

We then received the donation from the students.


Posing with teachers.


We thanked the school for hosting the event.

Then it was time to introduce our main speaker for the more formal part of the program.

Special thanks to Eunhee’s friend HyunSun Sarah Jeong for providing emotional support and being our photographer for the day!