Yesterday began with TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue being interviewed for a new TV podcast.

In the afternoon, two TNKR refugees gave speeches to a group of high school students visiting from the USA.

And around all of that, tutoring sessions for refugees, Eunkoo Lee having feedback sessions with refugees to get an understanding about their experience in TNKR.

Eunkoo joined at the beginning, but she had to return to TNKR because of a feedback session with a refugee.


I returned to TNKR after the interview, we had a session with high school kids visiting from the USA.

Cherie was great, as always. She now mixes humor into her speeches, and is more comfortable speaking in front of an audience.


Jun was giving his first speech with TNKR, but he was definitely comfortable.


The students even had questions for me at the end. They had questions about starting an NGO. I wanted to say “Don’t try it” but instead answered their questions.

I think we had three in-house tutoring sessions yesterday. This student is visiting Seoul for the summer, and using her time to study with tutors.

Eunkoo Lee! TNKR co-founder and national director!

Definitely these photos will need to be cropped! One day TNKR will be able to move to a better neighborhood.

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