It is Saturday, but I’ve been at work today because of some deadlines coming up. Two study pairs also came by today. I’m always delighted to see Amy. She was studying today with Ive. A lot of laughs, but Ive also kept the focus on making sure Amy learned. Amy has improved so much since she joined us in September 2015, TNKR is tailor-made for a student like her. She is so busy with many projects and activities, so studying at a hakwon is out of the question. She can’t attend those classes regularly. But she has tutors who are really patient and flexible, changing up the days, times and places to meet with her.

The other student who came by today has also had an interesting path with us. She studied in the Matching program in our early days. She returned recently to In-house tutoring (transition program), then rejoined the main part of Track 1. Improving her English has become really important, and she has shown it by focusing on learning. In our early days, we had few rules and expectations, but she is one of the students who can really see the difference between now and 2013.

She is studying with Josef, a young man who joined us last week. He energetically informed me that he received his first donation to TNKR!

We are seeking tutors for an emergency session July 1-2. University semesters are winding down, so students are seeking opportunities to study English during the summer. We have suddenly received many requests, so now is a great time to join TNKR.


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2017-06-18 Amy again!

This time she was studying with Spencer, tutor, fundraiser and TNKR Intern Manager. When I came in, they were focused!

When the class wrapped up then it was time for photos! After class, Spencer quickly sent a comprehensive report for other tutors so they can know how to help Amy in her next class.

She’s always fun!

She’s been with TNKR since September 2015. I’m thrilled to see the progress she has made. So many media contact us seeking wacky stories and anecdotes. What is great is when students make great progress, thanks to so many tutors giving their time.


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