TNKR held its third global leadership forum on Saturday June 24, “Dear Leader” featuring author Jang Jin-sung. The event was co-hosted with New Focus International. Mr. Jang discussed his escape from North Korea, analyzed various issues related to North Korea, and fielded a number of questions during Q&A. We took many photos, I will post many of them here, so it may take a moment or two for the photos to load up.

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Jang Jin-Sung, featured speaker at TNKR’s 3rd Global Leadership Forum.


Volunteers, speakers and attendees at TNKR’s 3rd Global Leadership Forum.



TNKR International Director Casey Lartigue Jr., kicks off the 3rd TNKR Global Leadership Forum.

Peter Daley, TNKR volunteer tutor, coach, manager, fundraiser and Music Manager.

TNKR volunteers pose with Jang Jin-Sung after the event.


The fourth TNKR Global Leadership Forum will be held on July 29, RSVP here. Confirmed speakers:

Kenneth Bae, co-director of Serving Life International, Korean-American missionary held hostage in North Korea for two years.

Lee Mi II, president of the Korean War Abductees Family Union.

Hwang In-Cheol, representative of KAL Abductees’ Repatriation Committee (KALARC) and TNKR Fellow in Human Dignity.

Signe Paulsen, representative, OHCHR (Seoul) will give opening remarks.

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