Happy birthday to TNKR Assistant Director Dave Fry! From our first discussion it was clear that he was not going to be drive-by volunteer just dropping in.

He wanted to get involved, to make a difference. As he told me at our first meeting: “Use me.” He has joined, and refuses to leave. No matter what is going on, he can see the bright side of even a catastrophe.

It didn’t take long for him to make an impact with his enthusiasm encouraging students and tutors; donating and raising money (to the point of brow-beating his friends for not donating). He even brought by his collection of spare coins to donate to TNKR;
He came along at just the right time. TNKR National Director Eunkoo Lee quit her paid job earlier this year to volunteer at TNKR full-time. We were wondering which direction TNKR would take, could the Eunkoo and I continue developing it without financial backing.
Dave brings joy to the office whenever he comes to volunteer, at least to help Eunkoo forget the  challenge that remains.
He has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Physics and taught them in the USA. He managed high-end hotels when he was in the USA, so he has professional experience. He has never been an English teacher before, but he used his brain and quickly adapted. His students rave about him because he clearly prepares for each class.
Like other tutors, he was a bit concerned at the Language Matching session that he might not be selected. He is now tutoring three different students.
Happy birthday, Dave Fry!!!



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