2017-07-11 TNKR Hall at Bumyeong HS

When I moderate or host events featuring NK refugees, I try to limit myself to just a few minutes of setting the stage for the refugees to speak. I know that the audience is interested in hearing directly from refugees. So I usually pass the microphone.

I spend so much time organizing events for refugees to speak that I get surprised these days when someone features me as the speaker. Yesterday was one of those days, when I spoke at Bumyeong High School. In case it wasn’t clear that I was the main event, then I just had to take a look around at all of the photos welcoming me to the school!


Eunkoo Lee and I gave a speech about TNKR. I wasn’t sure if the audience could understand but clearly they did! I think their teacher got them prepared so it wouldn’t be a waste of time.

The students asked plenty of questions, although I could guess that they were really waiting for photo time. I guess I was a bad influence because I was taking photos of them as they were asking questions. I’ve seen only one other speaker (Michael Kirby) do that.

Then it was time for selfies and signatures!


Then it was time for group photos!



After the speech, the students then wrote lovely notes in Korean about the experience.



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