Thanks to Seoul University of Foreign Studies for co-hosting “Stories from the North III” with TNKR. It was a great opportunity to hear about North Korea from several different perspectives.

* NK refugee Ken Eom discussed his university life in North Korea.
* NK refugee Helen discussed her escape from North Korea.
* Researcher Hye-young Shin discussed lessons she has learned from doing research about NK refugees adjusting to living in South Korea.
* Hwang Cheol discussed his campaign to have his father released from North Korea.
* TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue Jr. discussed TNKR’s history and background connecting NK refugees with volunteer tutors and coaches.
* Tony Docan-Morgan did the introduction, making TNKR sound like it is a great organization!
* Youngmin Kwon did the behind-the-scenes things that make an event possible, even leading people from the subway.
* Christian Na recorded the event.
* Eunkoo Lee of TNKR and Prof. 임종령 of SUFS made it all happen! Plus we had 8 lovely volunteers from SUFS and an army of translators who made sure that everyone could understand in both English and Korean.

* Tony Docan-Morgan, Professor of Communication Studies, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Senior Fellow of Communication and Advocacy, Teach North Korean Refugees. He did the introduction to the event, making TNKR sound like it is a great organization!

Michelle Jong Ryung Lim, Associate Professor & Head of Dept. English Interpretation & Translation Dept. Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation, co-hosted this event for third time. She confirmed that we will continue with the forum next year.

Ken Eom is now a fun and poignant speaker. He can still tell his life story, but he is now a graduate student at Korea University studying policy analysis. It doesn’t take much to get him to discuss higher level topics. Q&A no longer requires a question, he has answers!

TNKR co-founder and International Director Casey Lartigue.

Michelle Lim of SUFS reading a message from the president of SUFS. She posted the following on Facebook:

8/5일 개최된 TNKR 탈북자들의 증언을 외신 미디어 및 국내외 참가자들에게 동시통역해준 서울와국어대학원 2학년 재학생 여러분들! I am so proud of you!! 탈북자들을 위해 성금 모아준 1.2학년 학생 여러분들 감동했어요!! 행사준비 최고로 잘해준 과대표 유시윤! 등록데스크 및 행사장 사진 담당 한 박지혜 박유지 이래헌! 커피및 다과 담당 이소리 조소현 이상재 ! 안내 담당 박철민! 사회자 신지예! 다들 완벽한 역활감사해요! 덕분에 행사 정말 잘됬어요!

Shin Hye-Young, a researcher at Korea University, discussed her interactions and lessons she has learned from dealing with NK refugees in her research.

The MC for the event! We will invite her to MC one of our events in the future.

Hwang In-Cheol discussed his 15 year campaign to have his father released from North Korea.

TNKR multimedia specialist Christian Na with TNKR’s co-directors.


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