Comedian Chris Rock once said, ‘If you see a homeless  person with a funny sign, that means the person hasn’t been homeless for long.’

I mention that because Eunkoo Lee quit her paid job on February 1. Not many people voluntarily go for six months without getting paid! And not many keep smiles on their faces for long. Well, it isn’t all smiles around the office, TNKR has some challenges coming up.

Yes, it is baseball season, and Eunko is a baseball fanatic. So as long as those handsome guys are playing baseball then she may remain happy!

Perhaps we need to record the games, put them on her computer year-around so she can remain happy until she gets evicted from her home. 🙂

Eunkoo at the Bat.”

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TNKR is upgrading its major programs. First up is Track 2! Some refugees join TNKR so they can get help with public speaking. We have had some upgrades in mind for a while, but couldn’t quite get to them. Then Tony Docan-Morgan, Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse fell into our laps! He has added the structure and expertise that we have needed. He has now joined TNKR as Senior Fellow of Communication and Advocacy. We held three orientation sessions for coaches and three sessions for refugees in four days to make sure we would have enough coaches for refugees to study with at least two coaches each.


Several new refugees joining TNKR are bringing a lot of energy!

  • One donated 300,000 won to thank TNKR.
  • Another flattered me by telling me that I’m so “famous,” that every NK refugee knows who I am.
  • Another said that she feels this moment will change her life.

The tutors and coaches will soon feel how great it is to be part of TNKR.


One of our volunteers, Jeeyeon, stopped by to say good-bye. She brought us some coffee and also made a donation!

A great thing about her? Not only did she volunteer, but she also recruited others to join us as volunteers. As I often say in speeches: One important thing you should do for a cause is to be a magnet attracting others.


One great thing is that we now have more organizations and people inviting us as beneficiaries of their activities.

  • On August 15, TNKR’s co-directors will be featured on Arirang TV’s “Heart to Heart.”
  • Seoul International Women’s Association has invited TNKR to present at its popular Coffee Morning, on August 23.
  • Cycling tour starting this Saturday has named TNKR as a beneficiary.
  • A gayageum musician will be donating 20% of the proceeds from her performance and class this weekend to TNKR.
  • The IGS Debate Society has invited the TNKR co-directors to be Advisers at their upcoming event, August 15.
  • Plus,  I’ve heard a rumor that I will be giving a TEDx talk. Eunkoo Lee may be joining, but I will definitely have to make sure she doesn’t wear the baseball glove on her head.


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