ABC News based in another country stopped by TNKR to do some interviews. They started off by focusing on North Korea, but after they learned more about Eunhee and TNKR, they shifted their questioning away from Kim Jong-Un, and instead about Eunhee and the wonderful things happening at TNKR.

PART 1: Interview with Eunhee




They continued the interview outside.


Part 3: Time for a photo shoot!

Part 4: We stopped at my favorite sandwich shop in the world! Isaac. The owner is named Sue, she always welcomes us, considers us part of her family. If you are stopping by our office, be sure to stop by Isaac, bring me a sandwich. Just tell them that it is the usual for Casey. 🙂

Part 5: I even got some TV interview time with Eunhee.


Part 6: Photo time with Sue, the Isaac team, and some other regular customers. 🙂


Part 7: Eunkoo Lee and I had an interview with a refugee joining TNKR.

Part 8: They interviewed me, proving that people don’t always save the best for last…

The reporter kind of paid me a compliment. She said that she had never heard of me, but that after she became aware of me, she began seeing my name everywhere!



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