TNKR Senior Fellow Tony Docan-Morgan and Assistant Director Dave Fry stopped by today to help TNKR co-directors Eunkoo Lee and Casey Lartigue get prepared for their TEDx Talks next week. That begs the question: Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

In one corner, Professor Docan-Morgan has been teaching public speaking and communication for 15 years, so this is old hat for him.

In the other corner, TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue, who has been giving public speeches for about 17 years. He certainly has many bad habits that it will be tough to unteach by September 9. If you want to watch me fall off the TEDx stage next weekend, be sure to reserve your tickets in advance.

So many updates today:

Youngmin Kwon tutored for three hours at the TNKR office today. We had to kick to the middle room today so we could do prep for TEDx.

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