It is no secret that TNKR relies on volunteer tutors and coaches. But we also have plenty of volunteers helping in other ways. I encourage volunteers to be +1. In addition to tutoring or coaching, they can do one extra thing.

Annie was a volunteer tutor with TNKR in early 2016. She has stayed in touch, promising that she would get involved again. She stopped by on Sunday, she has offered to help us with translation (English and Korean) and social media (Instagram).

Goeun just joined us as a coach. She is now recruiting friends, starting with Rafael, who has offered to do English-Portuguese translation.

Amy is joining TNKR as a tutor, but she has already made it clear that she wants to help in other ways. Here she is with Eunkoo discussing our upcoming UK trip.

We will be having a planning meeting at our office, Amy will be joining that. It helps that she has experience with volunteering as a leader so she understands our challenges.

Wendy joined TNKR last month as an intern. She had thought she could be a receptionist or help with adiministrative tasks. But we learned she has video editing skills, so she helped us with a big project. Here she is interviewing a refugee who returned to TNKR after studying abroad. He wants live English situations, so we gave him one!

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