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2017-11-10 TNKR staff changes

I’ve heard from volunteers that one of the great things about volunteering with TNKR is that they can take up leadership roles, and they can do so in English.

Staff changes within the last week:

Janice Kim has taken over as Manager of Track 1. Eunkoo Lee and I have developed it over the years, making sure that it offered refugees a maximum amount of autonomy to make decisions while also making it as flexible as possible for volunteers. Janice has shown that she understands our approach and that she also ideas how to expand and implement this. She’s been a monthly donor to TNKR and organized our team at the recent KOTESOL conference. She will be speaking at tomorrow’s Open House.




When Dave Fry joined us earlier this year, he made it clear: “Use me.” And we have! His official title is “Assistant Manager,” but he has helped out in many ways, helping with merchandise, tutoring, coaching, strategy, graphic design, fundraising, and donations out of his own pocket. He used to run high-end hotels when he was in the USA, and we have now realized that he can use his management skills and business acumen to help us build TNKR. I wish I could clone him, but until I find a way to do so, he will be helping with the financial team and Track 2.



Oliver Brown is another “Use Me” volunteer with TNKR. He joined us originally as a coach for one of our speech contests last year. What caught my eye is that he was one of the few volunteers who would keep me updated well beyond what we required. He has helped us at events, with Track 1, and now he will be taking on a major role in helping us with finances and outreach. He will be speaking at tomorrow’s Open House.



Annie Nam joined TNKR in early 2016 as a tutor. She has sent me occasional reminders that she would rejoin when she had a chance. If you notice Korean at our Instagram account, that’s because she has also been translating when she posts there. She is also translating other items for refugee students.


Kevin Huh joined TNKR in July 2017 as a tutor. He became a regular donor and is one of those volunteers who always brings positive energy. Today he signed up to start posting at TNKR’s Instagram account.

Kevin and Annie will be joining Dahae (Naver blog) and Olivia (Twitter) as part of the currently active Social Media team.


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