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2017-11-11 TNKR Open House was a Full House!

TNKR held an Open House on November 11 to discuss our activities and to encourage volunteers to get involved. Most people who join us naturally want to tutor refugees directly, but we have other needs and also need some people to help us in other ways.

TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue announced this was his last time to organize a TNKR Open House. He will remain active with the sessions, but it will be up to volunteers or wanna-be-volunteers to call such sessions, recruit attendees, and to convince him to join.


TNKR Special Ambassador Ken Eom inspired several volunteers to get involved with Track 2. We are always thankful when he joins our meetings, it can remind volunteers of the importance of getting involved.


Janice Kim has taken over as Manager of Track 1. The upcoming session will be the first time she will be in charge. She has been in touch with applicants, patiently informing the ones who didn’t bother reading the guidelines and helping them all get prepared for this weekend’s orientation.


Prof. Tony Docan-Morgan has upgraded Track 2 in so many ways. He has put our ideas into an organized format and also remains in close contact with coaches. Having Janice and The Professor leading these programs means that the TNKR co-founders can concentrate more on building up TNKR.


TNKR jack-of-all trades volunteer Oliver Brown is now going to start focusing on finances. Apparently he will turn that candy into money…



Several volunteers were also inspired by Hwang In-Cheol’s campaign to have his father freed from North Korea.

Justin showed up early. It was his first visit to TNKR. He quickly learned that early birds not only get the worm, but also get to help move furniture out of the way.

Goen has just Track 2 as a coach, signed up to translate, and donated coffee to TNKR.


Bring My Father Home

Hwang In-Cheol has been campaigning for 15 years to have his father freed from North Korea. His right hand man the last year has been Youngmin Kwon, project manager of the Bring My Father Home campaign.

Hwang In-Cheol arrived more than an hour in advance, even though he would have only 5 minutes to present his campaign to volunteers.

Youngmin Kwon, project manager of the Bring My Father Home campaign, explained the history of the campaign and invited volunteers to join.

This was a proud moment for us when we joined Hwang In-Cheol for his rally at Imjingak last year. His event will be an event on December 11 marking the 48th anniversary of the North Korean government stealing his father. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LOXV0IdOyw&list=PL-6_xImxyTAJw3qeFJBXFv6fSCFEOb9eG&index=33

Youngmin Kwon inviting volunteers to join the #BringMyFatherHome campaign.

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