Eben Appleton is a real person! She isn’t just an App sending cheerful messages to TNKR. She visited TNKR after following us on Facebook for more than a year.

Yes, she visited TNKR, which happens to be located in South Korea. She had to be talked into visiting palaces and other tourist destinations. She was as lovely and sweet as she is on Facebook.

She asked if she could give me a kiss on my cheek. Sure! People usually ask to rub my head. 🙂

We surprised her by picking her up at the airport. I kept my schedule free that day, planning to visit the airport to pick her up, it then turned into a team visit.

Visitors to TNKR usually come to see me, but in this case, it seemed that Eben had set up her own office for appointments.

How could the visit have gotten more lovely? Rachel Park also visited us from the USA. I met Rachel a few years ago during one of my speaking tours to the USA. Always happy too, so it was truly loveTNKR time (but no kiss on my cheek).

TNKR Special Ambassador Ken Eom visited TNKR to meet Eben. She has been cheering for him ever since she learned about him.

Eben was so eager to meet Hwang In-Cheol. She donates regularly to his fundraiser and always asks how he and his sister are doing.

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  1. […] And also thank you to Eben Appleton for this photo of the article in print. Eben is a staunch supporter of Mr. Hwang and TNKR. She even traveled to Korea recently to meet Mr Hwang and the TNKR team! […]

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