So much love! On December 20, I was the guest speaker at a girl’s high school in Seoul. They welcomed me like I was a movie star.

During my speech, none of them fell asleep. Some of them were even nodding their heads “yes” when I made important points.

During Q&A, they had good questions. They had read many articles about TNKR and watched some of my interviews.

The topic was volunteerism in a global age. Some of the students say they want to volunteer with TNKR. What is clear is that these know what TNKR is and they are much more aware about issues related to NK refugees.

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I was at the center of attention, they treated me like a star!

The teachers seemed to love my speech, but they may want to clarify or explain my point that those high schoolers are usually too young to be useful volunteers. 🙂

With some of the teachers and school leaders. It seemed to be a big deal that I was visiting.

The principal welcomed me to the school like I was an old friend.

Q&A was quite fun, lively.

Grace was my hostess, and she helped me feel at home!

It took them a second to realize I was taking their photo!

Q&A time, time for me to squash their dreams. 🙂

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