More than a year ago, I began writing summaries on fb attached to the links of my dedicated friends at TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees). This all-volunteer organization based In Seoul, Korea, teaches NK refugees English. In learning English, it offers those individuals from the darkest corner of the world, an opportunity to succeed in South Korea, a community that requires English in order for them to fully enjoy their newfound freedom.

In most cases, the links involve reading articles that at times are lengthy. In an attempt to raise awareness of the excellent English teaching program offered by TNKR, the group must constantly attempt to raise funds in order to sustain the NGO. Funds are their only source of income.

My goal has been to offer Cliff Note versions of lengthy articles to those who have chosen to disregard the detail of the original text.

Mr. Casey Lartigue Jr., along with Eunkoo Lee, co-founded TNKR. This versatile man along with his many other activities, writes a column for the Korea Times. I have enjoyed reading his excellent column along with the many posts telling about the activities that make the teaching program of TNKR a highly sought after organization by the refugees. “They find TNKR, TNKR does not find them”.

Director Lartigue states that he chooses to read my Cliff Note versions of his column, saying that many times he has forgotten much of the content. He feels that only his Editor and I read his articles in detail.

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