The following is the first blog post at the Korea Times by Casey Lartigue Jr.. The post reveals the New Year’s resolutions of three North Korean refugees.

Jihyun Park, a NK refugee and a widely known Human Right’s Activist in the UK, says there were no personal wishes or dreams when a New Year started in NK. In the 1990’s the New Year’s custom of sharing food and giving, disappeared because of the famine.
Her dream now is to help free her people from the oppression inflicted by the Kim regime.

Eunhee Park, remembers having no New Year’s resolutions in NK. She was just not thinking about tomorrow, but about having food for today. Her New Year’s resolution for the coming year is to settle down and keep improving her English and to live a happy life.

The third NK refugee stated that she had only one resolution for the New Year, and it was “to escape the hell” of NK.

In 2017, Sujin stated that she was struggling until she found TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees). In 2018, she hopes to continue to learn English through their well known English teaching program.

In conclusion, I believe that TNKR’s New Year’s resolution is to help NK refugees in 2018, by teaching or helping them to improve their English, in order to better their lives.

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