The dedicated volunteer tutors for TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees), have increased significantly in numbers and they are eager to teach North Korean refugees English. However, there have been concerns by some of the refugees who enter the Track 1 program of learning Basic English.

At the basic Track 1 level, some of the refugees have fears that their tutors might choose to quit. Why? The refugees worry that at the ABC level of English their tutors may have a rough time dealing with them.

TNKR co-founder and National Director, Eunkoo Lee, had three face-to-face interviews with refugees eager to join the TNKR program.

The following concerns and the feedback are highlighted in the following article:

In this update, there are many issues addressed such as, “will my teachers quit?” Or, “Listen to the refugees in theory, or practice”.

Co-founders Casey Lartigue Jr., and Eunkoo Lee, are learner-centered and demand focused, always insisting that English be spoken to the refugees instead of Korean, and the opportunity for the refugees to have freedom of choice by choosing their own tutors. Their methods of teaching has remained consistent since their inception in 2013.

Many experts beg to differ with TNKR’s approach to teaching English to NK refugees, but have been proven wrong over and over. “The proof is in the pudding”.

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