There’s an old saying:

Some people make things happen.
Some people watch things happen.
Some people ask, “Hey! What happened?”
Meruyert Didar is definitely in the “make things happen” group!  There are some people I have known for years who have been by-standers, just watching the ongoing show, “Will TNKR survive?”
Meruyert joined us just a few weeks ago. Since then, she has:
* Set up a fundraising event, “Beer and Draw with TNKR,” this Saturday night.
* Translated our TEDx Talk into Russian and Turkish.
— TEDx, “You Can’t Save the World.” (Turkish)
TEDx, ‘You Can’t Save the World.” (Russian)

* Set up a fundraiser.

* Become a monthly donor.
* is constantly recommending ideas.
* Attended and volunteered at a couple of our events.
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