We have five rooms in our office–2 study rooms, 1 common area, 1 office for directors, 1 bathroom. At one point, all five rooms were being used, with one staffer making a phone call from the bathroom so he wouldn’t bother other meetings.

Support TNKR

One weakness about TNKR is that we don’t have enough space for our various activities. Refugees can’t hang out at TNKR to study. Our space must be reserved for our main activities, not just self-study time. Today TNKR Ambassador Eunhee Park stopped by TNKR to work with TNKR Senior Fellow Tony Docan-Morgan to get prepared for a speech. She stayed at our office for almost seven hours, working with him, practicing, and also getting feedback from me, TNKR Academic Advisor Youngmin Kwon, and TNKR co-founder Eunkoo Lee.


New Volunteer

Another high schooler wants to join TNKR. She isn’t really sure how she wants to help, she just knows that she does!

Orientation and Tutoring

Eunkoo Lee had an orientation session with a refugee who has been studying in TNKR’s Refugee Adjustment Transition project (in-house tutoring) while she was on the waiting list. She will now be able to study with as many tutors as possible. She came to us knowing almost no English, but eager to study. She still uses a lot of Korean so we hope she will choose tutors who push her try more English.


Alex Hickey joined TNKR very recently, he just had his second tutoring session. He is also planning multiple fundraisers for TNKR, both here and abroad.


Shin and Kim, forever

She’s our new contact at the law firm of Shin and Kim. There’s a very good chance that we will have a chance for a $4,000 Matching donation to support our activities. That’s not decided for the moment but it seems that it will happen!

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