Today I shared the stage with Anne Choe, president of the Seoul International Women’s Association. She discussed the founding and history of SIWA, American business and culture, and inclusion. The students had many questions so it was a lively session.

After that, I went to a discussion, “How are North Korean women supposed to speak?” It was quite incredible because several attendees came over to introduce themselves, they let me know that they read my columns and blog posts for the Korea Times. One attendee had already looked up TNKR and recognized me as soon as I started to ask a question. She wants to volunteer, but she is an unusual applicant: She wants to engage in teacher training. Most people I meet at events want me to hand them refugees. It was also a bit unusual for me to join such an event, recently I have been focused on TNKR and skipping dinner and event invitations.

The only downer: People continue asking me the stupid question, “What do North Korean refugees miss about North Korea?” I used to answer the question patiently, but these days, I go off just a bit, basically reciting my column from months ago.

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