TNKR held its 72nd language Matching session yesterday March 24. We have now had more than 1000 people participate in this volunteer project–more than 350 refugees, almost 800 volunteer tutors and coaches. Matching session #71 was the week before.

It means that this month, we had two Matching sessions with 32 tutors and 19 refugees. That is quite a lot for one month. Now comes the real work, with studying by refugees, teaching by tutors, and monitoring by our staff. This is in addition to keeping up with the previous groups.

These two groups are helping to build TNKR in a different way: 28 of the tutors have either become monthly donors or set up their own fundraisers. We have never had such active participation from volunteers. Some even griped about us asking them to do more than tutoring.

Most of the tutors are living in Seoul, but we do have one tutor coming from Gwangju to tutor. The week before, it was a tutor coming from Busan.

Special thanks to Janice Kim, TNKR Academic Coordinator, and TNKR co-founder Eunkoo Lee, for working together so well in managing the process so that we could have so many volunteers and refugees join us in one month. We have been trying to clear the long waiting list of refugees while also improving our quality control.

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The first refugee arrived at the session at 10 am, four hours ahead of the start time. The previous weekend we had a refugee arrive at 1:15 a.m., so we had to change our policy, opening the office at 9 a.m. 


TNKR Academic Coordinator Janice Kim kicked off the session. In just a few months, she has gone from tutor, to Academic Adviser, to Track 1 Manager, to Academic Coordinator.

TNKR co-founders Casey Lartigue and Eunkoo Lee.

I’m the one who gets the media attention, but it is TNKR co-founder Eunkoo Lee and Academic Coordinator Janice Kim who do the real work to get everything ready for Track 1 Matching sessions.



Here are the top fundraisers from this tutoring group. We thanked them by giving free copies of Sungju Lee’s book and hope they can get his autograph at a forum we are planning on May 12. As TNKR grows, we are able to do more for the tutors to thank them. Yesterday, we gave each volunteer a free TNKR bracelet and a TNKR bag to each one who became a monthly donor or set up a fundraiser.

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