Thank you to the TNKR volunteers and fans who posted their fundraisers today!

Erin Sylvester, Help Empower North Korean Refugees with Erin

Jeffrey Villa, Help North Korean refugees learn English!

Janice Kim, Help NK Refugee Moms Learn English for Free!

Tony Docan-Morgan, I’ll Mail You Korean Stickers!

Simon Thyer, TNKR Moving Again

Marco John, North Korean Refugees Need Your Support 

Kayla Shea, Help North Korean refugees learn English

Vanessa and Larah, Lending Ears: Women Supporting TNKR

Dondi Lyons, 58.5, that’s a thing, right?

Eunkoo Lee, TNKR is my new life

Marie Boes, Get a handwritten postcard from Korea!

KC, Casey Lartigue’s Fundraiser for TNKR


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