Tonight Eunkoo Lee, Anna Tsoi and I got prepared for this Saturday’s Book Sale, moving a lot of books from our small study room to the large meeting room. Thankfully Anna and Eunkoo talked on Saturday at the Global Leadership Forum, Anna asked if there is anything she could help us with.

We hope the book sale will be successful on Saturday. Thanks first of all to Anne Marie for donating many books to get this started. @Cami next came through donating books, that made us feel more confident that we would have enough books to hold a book sale. TNKR volunteer and donor Dondi Lyons then donated books, that made sure that we had enough for a book sale.

Youngmin Kwon has made at least two trips to pick up books. As always, he is always ready to do what he can to help TNKR.

Thanks to Bruce EJ Lee for driving me back to the TNKR office the day I went to pick up books from Anne.

It took several people working together to make this happen, these events don’t happen on their own.


A few years ago, people would ask me if they could donate things to TNKR. At that time, we didn’t have an office, so it was like asking a man running down the street if he wanted a piano to push down the street as he ran numerous errands. We now have an office so we can accept donations, at least short-term.

The books will be priced from 1,000 to 5,000 won.

Noon-2 pm, refugees only.

2-4 pm, open to the public.

4-5 pm, all you can carry for 10,000 won.

5-5:15 pm: Quick, grab whatever you can for 5,000 won.

(BYOB) Bring your own box!

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