Friday was a slow day at TNKR, so we did a lot of planning. We did have one TV interview in the morning and one tutoring session in the afternoon.

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The only thing I didn’t like about the interview is that the main part of it for me was outside. I end up squinting a lot then. This was Day 2 of interviews with us, so I suppose this will be a big feature.


Kim Goldsmith stopped by our office yesterday to tutor a refugee. Was she prepared? Look at the mobile library on the desk!

And she was animated with her tutoring. It wasn’t just sitting down talking. She got up to demonstrate, used body language to make sure the student got the point, then would repeat and repeat and repeat until the student got it. She doesn’t speak Korean so her students know they must be prepared for 90 minutes of English!

I’m always amazed by tutors:

  • Taking time out to tutor, minimum 90 minutes each session
  • Getting prepared for class.
  • Traveling to the class, spending money on transportation and in many cases for study sessions (coffee, booking a room).
  • Teaching
  • Filling out Kakao reports
  • Filling out Google reports
  • Abiding by our rules so TNKR will be about tutoring in English, not a damn social club
  • Dealing with me.

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