Jasmin Fosse wrote on Facebook:

On Tuesday May 22nd we went to visit the organization that I have volunteered for over a year now named TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees)! It was so nice to finally meet all of the crew members in person! We had a long evening with a lot of deep conversations about North Korea, North Korea’s human rights situations and TNKR. Thank you for welcoming us so warmly into Korea!

Yesterday on May 25th we went for lunch with TNKR’s co-founder Casey Lartigue and two North Korean refugee students! It was a very meaningful experience and we got to hear the refugees’ story and insights on North Korea first hand and up close. Not only did we simply go for lunch but we made good friends too with the refugees. These refugees have gone through a lot, but still keep thriving! Truly inspiring people and I wish them all the luck in the world! 💖🇰🇵 It was an honor to meet them both!

Jasmin Fosse and her friend Samantha Cianfrone Livson brightened up TNKR’s office last week, visiting us twice! They were coming from Finland. They had an energetic trip, visiting the many sites in Seoul, and making the trip to the DMZ. But they stopped at TNKR twice, staying for extended periods. Jasmin has been volunteering with TNKR for more than a year, our first teenager to become a Representative. She shares our many messages on Facebook, has raised money for TNKR, and even gave part of her graduation gift to TNKR!

She brought her delightful friend Samantha along with her. We had some delightful discussions about North Korean refugees, TNKR, life.

Two TNKR students joined us over lunch that probably lasted about three hours. It was a bit crazy for me, as I met two volunteers dropping off books, did a BBC interview as I was running back-and-forth.



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