TNKR co-founders Casey Lartigue and Eunkoo Lee conducted four 1:1 interviews with refugees who are very eager to join TNKR. Two of them were so enthusiastic about joining us that I was ready to start teaching them!

One of the refugees was referred by a current TNKR student who is telling her friends about TNKR. But the student referring others is very clear, as she tells people: “Don’t join TNKR until you are serious about studying. They have high expectations, and you can learn a lot if you study hard.”

It is wonderful to hear this! One thing we have been focused on the last few years has been making TNKR from scratch into a serious academic organization. We have had to make it feel unfriendly for socializers, playboys, and others not really focused on helping refugees improve their English. Having a high-level professional organization is not easy when you rely on volunteers who naturally don’t remain engaged for long. Hearing refugees tell others not to join us until they are serious is encouraging, they can recognize the high-quality and expectations.

We have been trying to encourage an atmosphere of self-directed education. It is a good sign that refugees in TNKR are warning other students about it.

Tutoring in our office this evening were Meghann and Una and the day started with me getting interviewed for a Youtube channel.

The day began with an interview for a YouTube channel of a leading news outlet. They say the videos should be online soon.


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