TNKR doesn’t have anyone in charge of media, neither traditional nor social. Despite that, we do get a lot of media attention and requests to participate in events.

I would prefer to be doing my work building up TNKR, but someone on our team needs to be out there meeting and greeting people. For some reason, TNKR has attracted a lot of shy people who prefer to work behind-the-scenes. Some of our volunteer tutors (especially females) gripe at me when they see me coming with my phone to take photos of them tutoring. With our team, I’m the only one who says, “Let’s take a photo.” They would probably hate me if I suggested taking a photo, then excused myself from joining.

Every once in a while I get criticized by people, comments from smart-alacks, and jacket-pullers hammering down any nails that stick out. Like a soldier carrying a flag into battle, you can expect the other side to try to shoot you first. I just wish I had enough time to take photos of even more of our activities and to send every message and photo directly to those disgruntled people.

And we try not to highlight the refugees too often. Even the ones who are public need to avoid being overexposed because many people who follow NK refugee stories are always eager for a new story, and quickly tire of the ones they have already heard. And of course we must protect the privacy of those refugees who prefer not to be publicly identified.

So who is left to carry the TNKR flag into battle with media, critics, apathetic people or people busy with their own lives?

If you would like to help with one of TNKR’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), then connect with me, and prepared to get started! We are looking for some people who aren’t shy and don’t mind taking every opportunity to inform people about TNKR and its activities.


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