Yesterday was busy busy busy! Meetings, blog interview, orientation sessions, an interview with refugees applying to join TNKR, plus a visit to a human rights conference.

Brainstorming fundraising at TNKR:

Mother and daughter returned to discuss how they could help with fundraising at TNKR. The most incredible about them: They listened! Some people have pet projects they want to do, but we have now discussed several ideas, and they are determined to help TNKR. They say that more South Koreans need to know about the great work TNKR is doing, and they want to raise money to help us expand!

Mom is not shy, as she proved when we posed for a photo. 🙂

High school students organizing for TNKR!

They came by to discuss practical ways they could volunteer with TNKR. Thankfully, our volunteer tutor who introduced them to us was clear: fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. They came prepared with many ideas, and we settled on two or three.

New refugees joining TNKR:

Eunkoo Lee and I interview refugees who are joining TNKR. We have fun, but we do want to make sure that this is a self-directed program and that we have high expectations for tutors as well as students.

Eunkoo Lee is in charge!

Finally, there is a TNKR project that I will have nothing to do with. Good riddance, and good luck to Eunkoo Lee in managing it without me! When she asks me questions, I ignore her, and get back to other work. 🙂

Interview for a blog:

TNKR super volunteer Emily Skalovsky interviewed TNKR’s co-founders for her blog.

Orientation sessions:

We had two final orientation sessions to get prepared for a Skype Matching session and a volunteer who will be tutoring in our office.

Around the office!

We are getting busy again with volunteers spending time with us. 🙂

Welcome back Emily and Selene!

TNKR visit to NKHR conference

Youngmin Kwon, Project Manager of the Bring My Father Home Campaign, and I joined the annual North Korean human rights conference hosted at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. They have many diplomats and officials with international human rights organizations who attend this every year. South Korea’s former ambassador for North Korean human rights gave the keynote address.