Vineworks hosted for a Wine Tasting Fundraiser for TNKR. It was incredible and inspiring to have volunteers come together to hold a fundraiser for TNKR.

I’m not an alumnus of the University of Michigan, but the seeds were planted for this event when I attended a University of Michigan alumni meeting. I met two classical musicians, So Young Jang and Yeon-Kyoung Ko, who said they would be honored to play at a fundraiser for TNKR. About the same time, TNKR volunteer Amber Yothers was planning a fundraiser for TNKR at Vineworks. I put 2+2 together, and viola! We had an fundraiser.

TNKR Music Manager Peter Daley was on vacation, but he joined the planning after he returned and Nitasha Salam joined the planning team after that.

We gathered yesterday to have the fundraiser with a fun crowd at Vineworks.

There were many delightful things, with one of the most surprising being that I met someone who attended the same elementary school and one of the high schools I attended in Texas!

Check it out on Instagram, which is managed by TNKR Instagram Manager Jackie Cole.

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