I came to the office at 3 am, to make sure I wouldn’t arrive at the office late today. That’s because we are having Matching session #81, and the students in this group made it clear that they would be arriving early.

The Matching session will start at 2 pm. The first refugee who arrived was knocking on our door at 9:15 a.m. The second refugee arrived at 9:30. The third one arrived about 15 minutes later. Yes, three students have arrived more than 4 hours in advance.

One of the students said that he hopes to select 10 tutors. He has already made his schedule and he showed me all of the research that did to get prepared for today. He checked all of the resumes in detail, did a complete breakdown on tutor availability, and has his list of tutors he hopes to be able to select.
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This was probably the biggest Matching session in TNKR history–13 refugees, 20 tutors.

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